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Veggie Bath

You can't always get organic, spray free produce, you can't even be sure to trust the sign and labels anymore. Sometimes you might not have the money or time to source these things either. But there are little simple, and amazing things (well i find them amazing!) that you can do at home to help cleanse your food. Let me introduce the all powerful, Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV for short. This glorious stinky liquid has so many beneficial properties - which ill write another blog about, because of course it needs one! But one of main uses for ACV, and part of our shopping routine is our Veggie Baths. Simply fill the sink, a bucket, container, add a splash of ACV (more if a large amount) and let soak for 30min +. Once they are soaked, rinse and wash your veggies really well. What this does is not only wash the outside of the produce where people have handled and sprayed, but it also draws the chemicals that may be in the fruit or veggie to its outer layer, the skin. So once you rinse and wash and are literally washing away the nasties even the ones on the inside! How cool is that?! So don't ever feel bad or guilty, or like you should give up, just keep your little friend Apple Cider Vinegar close by and wash wash wash!

Love Jarns 


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