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Shortbread by Jarns

The nommy nom noms ever fav, ever craving shortbread bickies. So naturally, llike everything else I tend to do, I research and learn and I make. Viola, short bread variations. Hello yes please (like I bake every second day haha) heres to making and sharing the love...oh you're welcome!


Salted Butter

Caster sugar

Plain flour

*added extras e.g. jam, chocolate chips, nuts

*preheat over 180 fan forced

1. Wait for or soften butter, about 125g, chop up from block ion cubes

2. Add caster sugar, approx. 1/4 -1/2 cup, beat till fluffy

3. Add plain flour 3/4 - 1 cup stir in with wooden spoon

4. Add your extra or you can just have plain and sprinkle with icing sugar, this batch was dark chocolate chips

5. Roll into balls, place on tray with baking paper, cross hash with a fork, or if jam drops add jam into finger pressed hole

6. Place on cooling rack and then flipping enjoy! Av a cuppa

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