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Mummy Treats

Ah Mummy Treats, either bringing with it great excitement or great guilt and in most cases unfortunately both! Either way Mummy Treats need to happen, in the form of however you see fit, food, beauty, exercise, time out and course the ultimate, a holiday (if you are brave enough) I'll be the first to admit I am still perfecting this, this whole treating yourself and then treating yourself nicely, food probably not so much, I think I'm good at the food treats part! No but seriously, I am one to be very hard on myself, I strive to be better, to be more and I am aware this is also my downfall. I don't give myself enough time or enough credit and I'm sure to the heavens that I am not the only one.

When Henley was super little, I did none of this, being a first time mummy I was highly strung to the max and I left no room for myself to make mistakes or rather let myself go unpunished when I felt like I was making mistakes. I needed to be perfect and my physical body sought to that otherwise, lack of sleep made sure I was running at maximum anxiety and minimal coming down, minimal growth. I experienced my first ever realities of depression, and then worse I had to admit to having post natal depression and although I wouldn't label it or say it often, looking back, I did. I know that now. I know I needed support, help and above all to take care of myself, to be gentle, and so slowly but surely (still learning) I made myself go against all I've ever felt and put myself first. I talked, I hate talking about how i feel, and allowed people who loved me to help to me. But the easiest thing I could have done and now implement are my mummy treats, they are small but they are important and they leave for massive healing and massive balance. They give you a start at happiness, at finding yourself again.

Here are my top Mummy Treats, growing a little more as I do, please enjoy, and please let me know if they help you too...

With love,


Hot Chocolate:

I was on a super super super strict diet when Henny was little, due to re-flux, tongue and lip ties, us being so sensitive. So i was constantly craving treats. My go to was this healthy Hot Chocolate. Enjoy babies!

1 tablespoon organic cacao powder

1 tablespoon sweetness - maple syrup, honey, stevia, raw sugar

Fill bottom with boiling water and stir

Froth milk (your preference) i use coconut milk or organic full cream milk or lactose free milk

Pour on top of the chocolate water

Sprinkle with cocao