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Release the Peach 🍑

So as some have said in the past, I have been blessed to be born with what I call a big ol booty. I had never thought much of it growing up nor do I think now it is anything special but it definitely got me some attention and comments over the years and I know its there now haha

After Henny i have struggled with losing the ‘baby’ weight, my body just isn’t what it use to be and everything takes a lot longer! I am also still breastfeeding at the almost 2 year mark to which some say makes you retain the weight, I’m no expert but all I know is that it has been a journey both being a new mum and having time and my actual physical body now. I want (and have wanted to since Henny was born) to lose weight and toned up, mostly be fit and healthy for myself and also to keep up with his little explorer heart!

I had never tried a squat challenge and I really get down when I noticed weight gain or feeling sluggish so I thought heck ill just do it. With a little motivation from Chris and support by doing it alongside me ( I know he's great). We took on the challenge. I found myself adjusting as I went and so I thought id share the love. Its something you can do at home, holding babies, when your out at the park, in the back yard etc, its quick and you don't need anything except a good quality squat!

In hopes to stick to my goals, I am sharing to I guess sort of make myself accountable, to stick to it. So enjoy!!!

Id love to see your results!! Head over to my Facebook page and share a before and after in the comments. Or share a previous one you've done before. Cant wait to hear from you guys.

Love Jarns x

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