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Raw Coconut Cookie Balls + Essential Oils

So the first time I made these I couldn't believe how much that tasted like cookie dough!! So yum. I added one drop of doTERRA's Cassia oil for flavour (so good and be careful its a hot oil and can burn your eyes or skin). Cassia oil is great for baking, click here to read more about Cassia OIl.

Its hard to find things and combos that taste naughty but are super healthy. Pack full of good fats and you could add dates instead of maple, they are perfect for filling those growing young bodies. I know my little one, my brothers and my niece all need to snack and fill their tummies as their guts are so healthy and fed so clean they digest foods so quickly always ready for more and eat a lot. These are perfect for that and our course for us parents haha

So add desired amount to make bigger or smaller batches but if you're someone who likes to follow recipes heres some measurements below. Feeding large families like me, Im all about time and taste, these are sooooo quick and yummy .......enjoyyyyyyyy!!

Love Jarns x


Or 1/3 cup coconut flour 1/3 cup cashews 1/3 cup desiccated coconut 1x tbs coconut oil 1/4 maple 1 drop dōTERRA cassia oil - click here to learn how to sign up to buy your own oils or email to make an order


Blend all together ( I use thermomix)

Roll onto whatever size you like

Roll into dessicated coconut to cover


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