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Intuitive Written Reading

A lot of you know I am a spiritual person, often being referred to as 'hippie type' and 'weirdo' (in a positive way thats how I took it anyways haha) growing up and or course because of my 'hippie weirdo mum! LOL.

But did you know I can do readings for souls here and far? Its not something I have ever really shared unless I am asked about it or the souls are very lets say, persistent that I share. Plus I have much to learn and grow in this aspect of my life as much as it can be scary or confusing.

So now I am just going to put it out there and embrace it, to grow and to connect people with their loved ones or themselves, maybe give them something. I am offering this as a Intutive Written Reading, where I will use a picture and object to connect and transpose the feelings and information I receive into a beautiful printable note for you.

Head over to my shop to purchase via PayPal or just shoot me a message. Id love to hear from you. Comment what you think or if you're interested in this sort of experience.

Love Jarns x

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